Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Call 601.442.5852 or 800.828.4531 for reservations! Reservations can also be made online at MonmouthPlantation.com!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Guest's response to our new restaurant 1818

"There is poetry and joy in turning a corner to find oneself among delightful (delightful!) company, enjoying sumptuous food and splendid conversation. A rich memorable evening… Let me quick to affirm that 1818 has arrived!"
Rusty L.

Our guests say the nicest things!

"The room and furniture were beautiful! We appreciate the town and history behind the plantation. You have done an excellent job of restoration! Thanks for everything. You made our 1 year wedding anniversary unforgettable!"

Leagh & Tommy


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Recently we have been pleased to have as our guests two authors, both visiting Monmouth at different times-one as a quiet retreat and the other escaping hurricane

Our first guest Darrel Hoover and his wife enjoyed Monmouth and shared with me the story of his first novel-JUST ONE MORE DAY. His novel is set in Korea during the Korean War and the inspirational story found throughout the book is of a young Allied soldier who was asked by a news correspondent on the battlefield: "What do you want for Christmas?" and the answer became the title of the book! The story line is fiction but the inspiration that is portrayed will certainly be memorable to all who read it.

Morris and Helen Raphael of Ne Iberia, LA. evacuated from the perils of hurricane Gustav. Mr.Raphael is a native of Natchez and has authored several books after his retirement. He also writes columns of interest for the local newspapers. Morris and Helen met in Brazil and were married in 1958. She is a cum laude graduate of MONMOUTH COLLEGE in Illinois.

MY NATCHEZ YEARS-1917-1938 is the autobiography of Raphael's life as a young Natchezian and his remembrances of those early boyhood years. Stories are told of the "great depression", the flood of 1927, and his boyhood life surrounded by St. Mary's Catholic Church, boy scouting, hunting and fishing. MY NATCHEZ YEARS is a wonderful story of growing up in this beautiful Southern town.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Monmouth’s first avid “birders” to made themselves known to our staff were Bob and Claudette St. Amant who visited with us over several days in the spring of 2008. Luckily for Monmouth, Bob had his binoculars along and soon discovered twenty nine birds on our 26 acres of property.

Mr. St. Amant shared his list of birds and gave us suggestions on how to attract other birds to the property. Soon we had bird feeders out and we are now in the fall of 2008 Looking for those birds migrating south and stopping at Monmouth for a reprieve.

Mr Charlie Taney also added birds that he had sighted on the property and we are excited that other bird lovers will make a trip (with their binoculars) to Monmouth. Mr. St. Amant has returned this fall and spotted seven additional birds on their trip south.

We want to thank the St. Amant’s, their daughter Lindsay Seely (who is a birder and the program chair of the Baton Rouge Audubon Society) and Mr. Taney for their assistance in helping Monmouth create a birding location.

When you visit Monmouth, stop in our gift shop and ask to review the Birding At Monmouth book- listing all the birds sighted. Please add any birds that you might see while you are with us.

Birding has become a most popular activity and we would enjoy having groups of Bird lovers stay with us. Perhaps this would be a great location for a group to meet and have lectures from local Audubon Society members. The Natchez Trace is also a marvelous location for bird and other wildlife sightings.

Call for Monmouth to further discuss the options we can make available. 601.442.5852

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez - Monmouth's Special Guests

Our guests, the Hernandez' wrote these words to Monmouth expressing their love and enjoyment of visiting with us. The Hernandez are certainly more to us as family than guests!

Mrs. Hernandez wrote:"They (Monmouth) may not have invented the re carpet treatment but they sure have perfected it. It's just a perfect place to come to and relax and rejuvenate. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. In fact we have a cat we named Hal, who is the "head of the plantation". He's the main reason we love it so much. We love Hal!

(Hal Davis)

The grounds are perfect for taking a leisurely stroll or just sitting out on the porch watching the squirrels play in the trees. The hors d'oeuvres and the food is delcious. Just a wonderful
place to tay over and over again. We know...we have stayed there probably going on 70 (Seventy!) times. We try to get back once a month. The last 9 Thanksgivings have been spent there. Go to Monmouth and you just might not can stop going.!"

Monmouth staff feels great gratitude to our loyal guests and we thank Mrs. Hernandez for writing this testimony.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

MONMOUTH: It's Majesty and Legacy

-The History and Perservation of Monmouth From 1818 to Present Day-

Our history in print has just arrived and is for sale in our gift shop or by calling the Monmouth Plantation.

Our book is beautifully printed in glossy cover and lovely photographs of the Quitman's and the magnificent furnishings along with the fascinating story of General John Quitman's antebellum life at Monmouth. Of major interest to everyone visiting Monmouth is the modern story of the

restoration of the plantation and grounds by Ron and Lani Riches thirty years ago. While reading the story of the Quitman family you will become enamored with the Riches' family and their endeavors to recreate the mansion to 1830's-1840's. It has been called "a labor of love".

The text and content was developed by Cynthia J. Parker Sinsheimer who resides in Natchez and Los Angeles.

To order by mail please call 601.442.5852 or 800.828.4531.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hearty Southern Breakfast for our Guests

Breakfast served daily from 7AM until 10AM in Monmouth's lovely Garden Room.

Breakfast begins with a large selection of cold items, yogurts, Ms. Mary's homemade granola, homemade muscadine, watermelon, mayhaw jellies and fig preserves. A variety of fresh fruits and juices are featured on the buffet. After your relaxing cup of coffee and starters, a delicious Southern breakfast was served. Today's hot breakfast featured: eggs, bacon and ham, grits, homemade biscuits or our special of the day: an egg white omelet filled with sauteed green peppers, onions and tomatoes.


This lovely couple from California, Bill and Jackie Gentry visited with us at Monmouth for two evenings. They both expressed their enjoyment of Monmouth and our five course dinner- and especially their room and the peace of our gardens. Monmouth Plantation is pleased to recognize the Gentry's as our guests and their volunteer work during their stay in the South . The Gentry's will travel to New Orleans to attend a Shaklee Corporation Convention. The Shaklee Corporation and their attendees will volunteer their personal hours and supplies to the city to help in rebuilding after the Katrina losses. While in New Orleans they will pass out free Shaklee "green products" to those in need. The Shaklee Corporation owners, The Barnett's have pledged any money raised during the convention by Shaklee to be donated to assisting with the rebuilding of New Orleans.
Monmouth is blessed to have had the Gentry's as our guests

Monday, September 15, 2008


Monmouth Plantation has been included in the newest vacation and tourist exploration adventure- Geocaching! Tucked away in a hidden location on our 26 acres you can find a scavenger hunt treasure!

For those not familiar with geocaching, this has become a really fun way to explore your Natchez destination and the surrounding area.

Planning your vacation around this fun scavenger hunt will give you clues found on your computer by typing in Geocaching and following the easy directions. Hints will be given to assist in finding the treasure. We can't tell you the locaton of our cache, but when it is found each treasure seeker locates a box and identifies himself/herself with his code name. In the cache box will be found a small item left by the "caching" seeker before you. You'll take the souvenirs and leave a comment an a token for the next person seeking the treasure.

Happy Geocaching!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Monmouth Plantation's Lounge is the first to offer its guests
SOUTHERN PECAN, the Original Pecan Nut Brown Ale

This delicious pecan ale is brewed in Mississippi and is the
first made in the world from whole, roasted pecans!

Southern Pecan is a delightfully smooth and warm, nutty
flavored with a slight sweetness to bring out the rich flavor
and smoothness of dark malts.

Pecans are our favorite nut in Mississippi and our trees
are boundiful in the fall and almost every yard and gardens
will have their own supply of pecans for favorite desserts
or praline candies. And now we have a drinkable pecan malt!

Visit us soon in the Quitman Lounge to try another Mississippi

Friday, August 08, 2008


Join the Monmouth Plantation "Natchez Cocktail Crowd" for the drink of the month- "Apple JouJou".

This refreshing drink has the delightful taste of apples and is perfect for a hot summer after-noon cocktail.

Our house guests and Natchez residents find the Quitman Lounge and patio to be a great afternoon location for a summer drink. So we invite you to spend an evening with us at Monmouth Plantation and try our speciality drink of the month!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Symposium at Monmouth

Monmouth Plantation was selected as the location for the statewide Mississippi Destination Wedding Symposium held July 28 and 29. State tourism officials and THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE presented the format and discussions were given by THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE executive staff and travel writers from locations outside of Mississippi. Monmouth was honored to have been selected as the premier location for this symposium.

We have always been a perfect location for weddings, rehearsal dinners and receptions- and today it is becoming extremely popular for the bride and groom to choose their wedding location, such as Monmouth--away from the locations of where scattered families and friends of the family live. Natchez offers not only a beautiful setting for a wedding but a perfect getaway for all guests attending. Mr. Tom Curtin is photographed as he finished his insightful presentation. Mr. Curtin is Publisher and Senior Vice President of THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE. Call on Monmouth staff to start your thoughts on a Destination Wedding at Monmouth.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For an added experience of Natchez and all the various options of things to do- Monmouth will arrange for bikes to be rented and perhaps you'll want an avid cyclist to accompany you on your adventure on the Natchez Trace.

Your bike trip can be for a few hours or the entire day, and while on the Trace you'll have the opportunity to stop at Historical Natchez Trace Parkway markers, see the wildlife and enjoy the peaceful ride that only a National Parkway can provide.

For those interested in taking the bikes for a ride around Natchez, we will provide you with a map of all the local historical markers and make suggestions for a stop for lunch and then a ride in the afternoon along the Mississippi River bluffs. Call for more information and ask for Peggy Sue and we will start making your arrangements.
-Peggy Sue

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Six beautiful Morgan cars owners arrived at Monmouth last week for a two night stay with us. The prestigious group from Great Britain had their cars shipped across the Atlantic to arrive in New York in May. The owners had well planned their travels through the Eastern and Southern states . The cars and owners were welcomed at each location with much fanfare and news coverage. The group dining each evening with us at Monmouth, requested to be seated in the Gentlemen's Parlor under the Waterford chandeliers for their five course dinners.

Each of the Morgan cars were custom built for each owner in England and each owner went into the factory to see their cars being hand assembled.

Their final stop on tour was New Orleans where the cars will be shipped home to England arriving within three weeks. The group enjoyed the plantation, dining and their accommodations and presented us with a commemorative plaque of their May- July 2008 tour of the United States.

We were elated to have these lovely guests with us at our Monmouth.
-Peggy Sue

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Recently the Boston Globe featured in its Sunday travel section and article written by Stephen Jermanok after his travels to the south and a visit to Natchez.

Stephen writes:

"If you spend the night at the Monmouth Plantation, you won't have to dress in costume to feel like the regal owner of a Southern plantation. Mint juleps are served in frosty silver cups promptly at 6:30 pm in the Quitman Study...The distinctly Southern menu features crawfish chowder with just a hint of Tabasco and lump crab cakes with a jalapeno hollandaise dip. Entrees include a mustard-crusted rack of lamb in a tangy tomato-based demi glace... Monmouth is a peaceful oasis for whiling away an afternoon or two in the Old South with a good book -like, Gone with the Wind..."

Monmouth is blessed to be recognized often by prestigious publications and certainly The Boston Globe is one.

Thank you and please return.

-Peggy Sue

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natchez Trace Bicyclists visit Monmouth

In early June, Monmouth served as the beginning location for this avid group of bikers riding the entire length of the Natchez Trace. The Trace begins (or ends, depending on your choice of starting point!) in Natchez, MS and travels the Indian route to Nashville, TN. This beautiful National Parkway is 440 miles and features only nature forest, wildlife and an occasional marker where you may stop to read the history of that location.

Our group of bikers stayed the night at Monmouth and dined with us for our five course dinner. The next morning the bikers were up and geared to begin their ride- after our generous and delicious Southern breakfast. This group had a tour company who planned their trip and arranged stops along the way, and they were also equipped for any unexpected mishaps such as flat tires or a rider with a strained muscle. The group was followed by a van equipped with snacks and any necessities.

We enjoyed our biker guests and wished them a "farewell" as they began their six day journey to Nashville. We await to hear from the group and will pass on any interesting information of their adventures.

This is an indication of all the various activities that are available in Natchez. I'll begin sending you a variety of points of interest and activities so that you can plan a trip to Natchez and enjoy the unusual parts our city has to offer.
-Peggy Sue

Monday, July 07, 2008


Near the patio is a brick enclosed herb garden for the Chef to use for his special dinner preparations and, also used daily for our famous Mint Juleps. Each herb of the season is labeled and Larry Stewart our master garden is often tending to the herbs. Parsley, purple basil, rosemary and mint are a sampling of the herbs we have growing.
Another feature of the herb garden is the dinner bell that is rung nightly for our dinner guests to join us for dining in the mansion.
-Peggy Sue

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Drink of the Month

"Why Darlin', I do believe I will have a STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI!"

To celebrate the 4th of July all month long Roosevelt will be concocting a southern frozen daiquiri as Monmouth's Drink Special. Please join us in the Quitman Lounge or on our courtyard for a refreshing summertime drink.
-Peggy Sue

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monmouth's Guestbook

Our guest book registry is readily available for names, addresses and comments and it is always a treat to read the impressions guests give of their Monmouth experience- and with just a few words!

Here is a sampling to entice you to pick up the phone and call for a Southern get-away with us.
"We love this place"
"Great hospitality"
"40 year anniversary"
"What more can you ask for?"
"Finally, a family portrait in a beautiful setting"
" Zippity Doo Dah!"
"Great place for a Board Retreat"
"It was so lovely. God bless you all"
"Magical evening"
"This is the most beautiful place"
"A super Southern treat"
"Honeymoon- Superb!"
"Perfectly decadent!"
"We were spoiled the whole time!"
"To die for!"
"I'll never eat again- Divine cuisine"
And the comments continue. Oft times the messages from our guests are the best and we want you to experience Monmouth as soon as possible. We look forward to your comments!
-Peggy Sue

June Drink of the Month - "Sloe Gin Fizz"

Our June drink of the month is a favorite with Southern ladies for their 5:00 cocktail on the veranda. (Our men enjoy this drink also!)

The Sloe Gin Fizz is a delightful concoction of a red gin liquor and has a delightful "buzz" to it. As our recent drinks of the month, this one is from Denise Gee's Southern Cocktails cookbook that can be purchased in Monmouth's wonderful gift shop. Locals from Natchez are enjoying our afternoon drinks on the patio and the complimentary canap├ęs. We look forward to seeing you in June.
-Peggy Sue

Monday, June 02, 2008

Locals enjoy cocktails

Local Natchezians are enjoying the beautiful patio and gardens for an afternoon or evening cocktail. Quitman's Lounge is featuring a specialty drink each month, along with the favorites of wine and Roosevelt's famous mint julep. Shown enjoying a cocktail are three Lovely ladies arriving after a work day - from left to right, Mary Ruth Caldwell, Diana Glaze and Kaye Carroll.

Not only do they enjoy an evening out having cocktails and hours d’oeuvres, but also the ladies are members of a fun group who gather for social occasions and they have named themselves- "The Drama Queens". Drama Queen "wantabes" live in Natchez so perhaps one day they too will be part of the group. The "Drama Queens" had so much fun having cocktails they are encouraging Natchez residents to join them for cocktails- along with our guests staying at Monmouth Plantation. Our specialty drinks, the patio and gardens along with our bartender Roosevelt will promise a delightful evening after work or just for a night out.

-Peggy Sue

A letter from a guest~

Monmouth Plantation and the proprietors, Ron and Lani Riches receive letters and complements often for their work in restoring the plantation from the ruins that it was in when purchased in 1978. Here is on such letter that we wanted to share with you.
-Peggy Sue

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Riches,

Years ago when I was around fourteen years old I wrote you in an email telling of my love of historic homes and especially of Natchez. I am from Quitman, Mississippi and I always thought it interesting the relation between the original owner of your home (Mr. John Quitman) and the namesake of my hometown. I wrote to you of my dreams of perhaps one day owning a historic home of my own and my love of history. I remember how appreciative I was because you sent me a letter back thanking me for my sincere email with a complimentary copy of 'Monmouth Plantation: A Dream In Time'. I was grateful for the kindness you showed me all those years ago and I have tried to keep up with news concerning your bed and breakfast since that time. I think your web site is really nice and I am so glad to know that you still own the mansion. I know it gives you a great sense of accompli shment to be able to call such a wonderful place home.

I am now twenty-five and married to a wonderful woman who shares my appreciation of history and antebellum homes. I took her to Natchez before for a getaway but unfortunately stayed in a motel for cost reasons but we still had a great time. I remember pulling into the drive of Monmouth and sitting there for a few minutes taking in the serenity of the grounds - how beautiful! My wife and I find ourselves talking about the mansion from time to time and how much we would love to return to Natchez and stay there for a night - hopefully someday we can. To us there is simply no other place like Natchez in the South and certainly no other home that captures the 'dream' quite like Monmouth.

We now own a little home of our own close to Meridian, MS and hope to someday purchase a small historic house and restore it - that is our ultimate goal! Our new house is great but there is just something about an 'old' house that you can't get with new construction (obviously). Well, I could go on and on about my love for history but that would take way too much time. Just wanted to drop a note and say good luck in the future with Monmouth and hopefully someday I can meet you both! I am glad to see that people that listened to a kid all those years ago are still being blessed. Best Wishes!

Matthew G.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monmouth Featured on the Today Show

Monmouth Plantation was featured on a "Take a trip for $600" segment by Peter Greenburg this morning (May 27, 2008) on NBC's Today Show. The segment can be seen below.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Small Luxury Hotels - Recognized

Monmouth Plantation is a member of the prestigious brand- Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). Rigorous standards must be maintained to be a member and to ensure a wonderful experience to our guests. Recently Small Luxury Hotels received recognition that we would like to share with you.
"I am delighted to announce that Small Luxury Hotels of the World has for the second consecutive year been named number one luxury hotel brand in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index™, beating more traditional brands such as Peninsula and Ritz-Carlton, as well as Rock Resorts. For the first time, SLH was also named the luxury hotel brand that offers the “Best Customer Experience”, in the separately conducted Luxury Customer Experience Index™, which is based on the views of actual customer experiences in SLH hotels.
In the Luxury Brand Status Index, SLH was named the luxury hotel brand most worthy of a price premium and also the brand that people would be most willing to recommend to someone they care about. SLH also scored the highest out of all 23 hotels surveyed for providing consistently superior quality, for being unique and exclusive and for making customers feel special."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A look at Monmouth


NATCHEZ FESTIVAL OF MUSIC featuring preformances of opera, Broadway and jazz has been a stellar yearly event in May for 18 years. Ron and Lani Riches, Proprietors of Monmouth Plantation, along with Dr. David Blackburn were the singular ones to sit around a table and create the idea of wonderful New York performers coming to Natchez and presenting their art to citizens and guests of Natchez.

Monmouth Plantation hosted the first event for 2008 Friday evening May 9 with the patron event. A musical performance and seated dinner was a huge success and started the month long schedule of events.

"Oklahoma!", 'Cosi Fan Tutte", New Orleans Pfister Sisters, and a variety of 'Broadway Night of the Stars' are a sampling of the musical variety to be held at different locations in Natchez.

For detailed information of performances, times, dates and cost please go online: http://www.natchezfestivalofmusic.com/ or call 601-445-6103 or 1-800-647-6742. We look forward to sharing with you another facet of culture and entertainment here in Natchez.
-Peggy Voss

Engagement at Monmouth

A lovely young couple wrote this story of their engagement here at Monmouth and the words that Tesa writes could not be said more beautifully.
-Peggy Voss

For spring break Adam wanted to take Tesa somewhere out of Memphis. Tesa's friend, Sam, suggested they look in Natchez, MS at The Monmouth Plantation luxury bed and breakfast. After looking at the website Tesa fell in love with Monmouth! The next day Adam told Tesa that he called Monmouth and it was completely booked. He said the good news was that the Super 8 still had vacancies! So on Good Friday the couple drove to Natchez. Tesa still had no idea where they were staying until they pulled into the driveway of an antebellum mansion framed by spanish moss-draped oaks. It was Monmouth! This is a place that both Glamour magazine and USA Today called one of the 10 most romantic places in America and for good reason! Adam looked over at the rarely speechless Tesa and with a grin said, "I didn't lie. I told you it was completely booked and that's because I got the last suite!" The next day it was warm, sunny and the air carried the fragrance of the estate’s lush gardens. The couple walked along the pebbled paths passing through the wisteria-covered pergoloa, well-manicured croquet lawn and a white gazebo surrounded by candy colored tulips. They walked down the brick steps that were lined with buttercups to a bridge hoping to get a closer look at the mallards in the lake. As they stood on the fairytale-white bridge that hovered over the oranmental lake Adam pointed out a cyprus tree on the bank that had it's long limbs reaching into the water. Tesa started to pose Adam for a picture and suggested he get knelt down. After the picture had been taken Adam remained on his knee. He held Tesa's hands and professed his love for her and her family. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a ring box and asked Tesa to marry him.

Natchez Poem

This beautiful poem expresses the feelings of our guests when they arrive at Monmouth and visit beautiful Natchez.Guests often speak of their interest in our history and their instant love of this beautiful place. Everyone expresses a desire to someday return.
-Peggy Voss
I had not known these things were so
Unreal thy'd peeped from out the page
Of romance of another age
I had not dreamed that I might see
A lady fair with stately grace
Descend broad stairs, or slowly pace
Through vaulted hall to welcome me
But now at Natchez- now I know

I had not thought how sweet 'twould be
To look with reverent eyes upon
The treasures of a people gone
To catch the gleam of candlelight
On priceless china, and the glow
Of fire shine spreading rich and slow
On ancient brass made newly bright

Yet Natchez vouchsafes this to me
And who am I that I might see
So much of beauty: spiral stair
Coin-silver service, rosewood chair
Tall mirror set in gold-leaf frame
Wrought iron lace against the sky
All these I've seen, and rich am I
Ah, richer far than when I came
So much had Natchez done for me
(Author unknown)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Drink of the Month

All the month of May, Monmouth will feature the most popular drinks served at the Kentucky Derby which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday afternoon, May 3rd. The Derby is celebrated all over the country and especially in the South.

The DERBY COOLER features bourbon, rum, orange juice and grenadine. Come to the Monmouth Quitman Lounge any evening during May and have a refreshing cocktail- and as always, Roosevelt's famous Mint Julep will be served in the frosted silver julep glass. Did you know that Roosevelt has served as Monmouth's bartender and host for over twenty years? Roosevelt received an award from the Governor of Kentucky making him a true "Kentucky Colonel" and the award was presented to him for his secret mix of the Mint Julep.

On Kentucky Derby Day (5-3-08), Monmouth Plantation will have a Kentucky Derby party, with specialty drinks and televisions to view the event. Join our guests at Monmouth for this special event on the patio and in the Quitman Lounge beginning at 2:00 pm.
-Peggy Voss

Mississippi River Nearing Record Highs

Perhaps you have heard of the news that the Mississippi River is cresting here in Natchez. The river is above ‘flood stage’ but is not threatening Natchez. We have included interesting photographs taken of Natchez Riverview from the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River. As you can see Natchez has very high water, but really not much concern for property damage here on the Mississippi side of the river because of our high natural bluffs. Water in Louisiana, just across from Natchez is extremely high and yet no major flooding has occurred to date. It's interesting to see the beautiful view of Natchez that can always be viewed by crossing the river into Louisiana. The photo shows the magnificent steeple of St. Mary's Basilica a landmark of Natchez for years.
-Peggy Voss

Catalpa tree on Monmouth's Grounds

As you approach Monmouth and view the lush grounds of greenery and trees, you first notice the beautiful live oak trees that are magnificent and huge. Beautiful moss hangs in branches and it is always an attraction for everyone to see the variety of trees standing for years.

My favorite tree, I chose without knowing its name or story is the CATALPA TREE. For the past four seasons I have photographed the tree in its different shapes of foliage and rather bare winter branches. Today in the spring the Catalpa tree is in bloom and the white flowers fill the huge tree and all its branches. It is described as having large heart shaped leaves and showy white and yellow flowers. In the autumn long fruits which resemble a slender bean pod and small flat seeds will fall and begin to reproduce.

The most interesting thing about this tree is the fact that the tree is the food plant of the Catalpa Sphinx moth and the leaves are eaten by the caterpillars. The caterpillars are an excellent live bait for fishing- and Natchez and surrounding areas are a fisherman's paradise. Some dedicated anglers plant catalpa mini-orchards for their own private source of "catalpa-worms."

For fishermen, this area surrounding Natchez has lakes filled with catfish, bass, bream, sun perch, alligator gar, and white perch - this is just a small selection of fish in the area.
-Peggy Voss

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lani Riches on the Oprah Winfrey Show

The staff at Monmouth was excited to see Lani Riche, proprietor of Monmouth, on the Oprah Winfrey show last week. Mrs. Riches had been a inspiration and helper to Rutgers Basketball coach Vivian Stringer during her bout with breast cancer. An excerpt from the show has been posted on YouTube and can be seen here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pilgrimage Hostesses

Our hostesses during the Spring Pilgrimage are here at Monmouth to greet guests in the typical antebellum dress. The ladies are available to give the history of Monmouth and provide the gracious hospitality that our Natchez ladies provide to all our guests.
-Peggy Voss

April Drink of the Month - Peach Mojito

Peach Mojito will be the featured drink in our Quitman Lounge for the month of April.
Local residents of Natchez are enjoying the beautiful patio and the cool evenings. A Peach Mojito is the refreshing springtime drink to enjoy at Monmouth. While visiting with us try our monthly special and you may purchase from our Gift Shop "Southern Cocktails, authored by Denise Gee- a local Natchez resident
-Peggy Voss

Pilgrimage Pralines

The praline candy lady, Ms. Dyson is a familiar and welcome person at Monmouth during Spring Pilgrimage. Ms. Dyson comes every year and sells her home made praline candy to tourists and many say her candy is the best in the city. My Dyson loves to visit with the guests on tour of the mansion and you can see by her lovely smile that she is a delightful addition every year at Pilgrimage.
-Peggy Voss

Monday, March 24, 2008

Employee Profile - George Ivory

George Ivory has worked at Monmouth for over ten years. He serves cocktails and waits on our dinner guests- George is always the consummate gentleman. Seen here taking a guest’s order at dinner- we recognize George at this time for truly saving a guest's life.
George was in the dining room when a guest had a frightening moment for himself and his family. George took charge and quickly had the guest out of medical danger. We at Monmouth salute George for his ability to take action in an emergency.
-Peggy Voss

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Plant in the Trees of Monmouth

Recently a guest and his wife spotted an unusual plant here in the Monmouth Gardens. This plant is especially significant during our Easter season as it is called a Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla).
Our guest who is a botanist pointed out the plant growing high on the branches of our ancient oak trees and explained that the plant without water looks brown and dying and then quickly revives (within hours) to a bright healthy green- after a rain or after the morning dew has covered the branches!
Visiting Monmouth is always a beautiful experience and discoveries by our guests are treasured information for us.
-Peggy Voss

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Gifts in the Shop

Easter items are to be found in abundance throughout the Monmouth gift shop. Ceramic bunnies and Easter gifts for adults and to decorate your house for this holiday are arriving daily and are quickly unpacked and displayed. Local residents choose Monmouth Gift Shop as their first stop when they are selecting a wedding, birthday or child's gift - or just for a very special occasion. Our children's Easter gifts are adorable and unique and will be a keepsake for many years.
-Peggy Voss

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monmouth in Southern Accents Magazine

The March issue of Southern Accents has featured Natchez and Monmouth in an interesting article written by local author, Denise Gee. A lovely photograph of Monmouth was taken with a view through our Spanish moss- and the article speaks of the "sweeping grounds and moss-draped oaks". Denise's Natchez article is written from her childhood perspective of growing up in Natchez. It is a delightful view of interesting "tales and tidbits" pertaining to the local past and present. Grab a copy of Southern Accents at your local newsstand and enjoy a unique article featuring Monmouth and Natchez. Denise has recently published a great book entitled Southern Cocktails. One of her recipes has been selected as Monmouth's March Drink of the Month- the Bee's Knees.
-Peggy Voss

Legislators visit Monmouth

The Mississippi State Legislative members of the Tourism committee enjoyed the luxuries of Monmouth for the evening of Sunday, March 2nd. The group arrived at Monmouth following a leisurely drive on the Natchez Trace from the state capital in Jackson. The afternoon was beautiful and the committee members enjoyed a tour of the mansion and a stroll in the gardens prior to a seated dinner in the mansion. Several members of Natchez government were also included as dinner guests. Each member had lovely accommodations and breakfast the following morning- and each one vowed to return for a personal visit to Monmouth. The Monmouth staff was very honored to have been chosen to host this prestigious group.
-Peggy Voss

The Sanctuary at Monmouth

Many lovely spots are to be found on the twenty six acres of Monmouth gardens. You can cross the pond by way of a white wooden bridge and arrive at the Reuben Harper Sanctuary. This beautiful place, for quiet meditation, was built in honor of the Riches' friend and long time resident of Natchez. Mr. Harper, known in Natchez and throughout the south as "Buzz" Harper, has been instrumental in assisting with antique selections and renovation projects at Monmouth. Recent additions are two angel stained glass windows.
-Peggy Voss

Friday, February 29, 2008

March Drink of the Month – The Bee’s Knees

Monmouth's fanciful and springtime drink is a concoction of gin, lemon juice and of course, honey. Join the cocktail guests at Monmouth and have a taste of "Bee's Knees".
And while you are visiting with us you may step into Anna's gift shop and purchase a copy of the recently published book by Natchezian author, Denise Gee entitled SOUTHERN COCKTAILS. Denise calls the "Bee's Knee's" cocktail- 'Liquid Gold'.

The weather is lovely and the flowers are showing color everywhere- our patio waits for you to enjoy a cocktail and a walk on the 26 acres of grounds prior to dinner in the mansion. During our Natchez Spring Pilgrimage, Monmouth Plantation will offer guests a choice of two settings for dinner- 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM. The 6:00 PM seating will give our guests and opportunity to dine prior to attending the Historic Natchez Pageant held at the Natchez Auditorium.

-Peggy Voss

Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration

The annual Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration featured the theme around the life and works of famous Southern writer, Richard Wright born in Natchez in 1808. Sam and Josie Rosfin traveled from Seattle, Washington to stay at Monmouth Plantation while they were attending the four day writers' conference.

Southern writers and dignitaries participated in the lectures and discussions of Southern writers – past and present. Richard Wright's daughter, Julia Wright of Paris, France was the keynote speaker. Wright authored the blockbuster writings, "Black Boy" and "Native Son". The final day of the celebration included a luncheon at Monmouth Plantation for the relatives of Richard Wright. Over sixty family members were present to celebrate Mr. Wright's life and writings.
-Peggy Voss

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ms. Mary - The Breakfast Chef

Ms. Mary, our breakfast chef can usually be found in the kitchen cooking her "secret" recipes each morning.

Ms. Mary, on this day is enjoying the dining room of her domain as she visits with relatives who are staying at Monmouth for a religious retreat. Ms. Mary turns grits, bacon, and homemade biscuits into an extraordinary fare. Her secret recipes give our guests fluffy grits, perfect strips of bacon, and a biscuit that are mouthwatering. Each day Ms. Mary offers guests a choice of the Southern breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, grits and biscuits or a daily selection of pancakes, French toast or white egg omelet.

Following your leisurely and filling breakfast - it will be awhile before you are ready to enjoy another meal in Natchez!
-Peggy Voss

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tulips Blooming at Monmouth

Today is Saturday, February 16th and here at Monmouth the spring TULIPS are blooming! We have had a beautiful three days celebrating Valentine's Day. A few rain drops have only enhanced our lovely days. Valentine Day is so popular for guests that we have extended our customized dinner for tonight also. Chef Lanny has created a menu including a softshell butter crab for starter, poached pear salad, bing cherry compote, and entree of lobster and grilled beef tenderloin!! Dessert is a fanciful Chocolate Swan Pedestal with Raspberry Sauce!

Your stay at Monmouth is always special and if you have a personal request, please let us know!

-Peggy Voss

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Guests Say the Nicest Things!

Two sisters recently visited Monmouth and celebrated a very important birthday. These are the personal comments that Nancy H. made about their stay with us! -Peggy Voss

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get to stay at an antebellum mansion? Have you ever watched Gone With the Wind and been enthralled by the beauty of the Tara? Local Boca Raton resident, Nancy H., and her sister, Diane S., of Clinton, Indiana, recently traveled to Natchez, Mississippi, to experience the best of Southern hospitality staying at the Monmouth Plantation. Upon arrival in Natchez and driving up the gorgeous driveway of the Monmouth located at 36 Melrose Avenue, one is instantly exposed to the beauty of the South with the trees, foliage, beautiful flowers, and gardens that surround this majestic mansion. But, as much as the natural beauty of this awesome historic home is breathtaking, one is immediately welcomed by the warmest, friendliest staff who make the entire visit at Monmouth unforgettable. By the time you leave Monmouth you will feel like family and want to return to these grounds to see them all again. We stayed in the Chapultepec Suite which was perfect having its own fireplace with a patio that overlooked the beautifully manicured grounds that have fountains, hammocks, beautiful pergola, statues, croquet, amazing gardens, beautiful oaks and Spanish moss everywhere, private family cemetery, white bridge over the pond leading to walking paths...one truly has to see it all to believe the beauty that prevails around Monmouth.

The history of Monmouth and the numerous historic homes in Natchez is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching and the visitor is so immersed in the prewar and Civil War history that one will find themselves conversing about their tours and even dreaming about the people who lived over a century ago in the beautiful South. And, sleeping at the Monmouth plantation has been reputed to be the best and I can say that have not slept so soundly as I did during my visit to Monmouth.The amenities of full Southern breakfasts, candlelight dinners, tour of the historic mansion, and a beautiful Victorian Gift Shop just add further sparkle to a stay at this National Historic Landmark, Monmouth Plantation.

Submitted by:
Nancy H.
Boca Raton, Fl.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Roosevelt to Offer Monthly Drink Recipes

Roosevelt, Monmouth's celebrity master bartender and mixologist extraordinaire, will offer one of his specialty drinks each month to complement the month's weather, season or holiday.
February's cocktail, to take away the chill of a wintry Natchez day will be listed for the coming month on our blog- and the recipe will be available just by contacting us at Peggy@MonmouthPlantation.com.Your choice of a HOT GIN OR WHISKEY TODDY will be prepared for you in the lounge beginning at 4:00 PM every afternoon! Please join us for a Toddy or your cocktail favorite.
-Peggy Voss

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowy Days at Monmouth

Guests at Monmouth woke Saturday morning to a most beautiful and unusual sight- snow was fluttering down and the Plantation was a fairyland with white covering the grounds and giving this Southern city a real treat!

The snow lasted just long enough for our guests from the southern parts of our country to relish the sight and for us to snap a few photographs. Our guests from the colder parts of the country were amused at the staff and guests enjoying the "white stuff" and our showing excitement like the children. Soon the sun was out and the purple and yellow pansies were continuing to flourish.
-Peggy Voss

Friday, January 18, 2008

Monmouth's Gift Shop

Monmouth Plantation's Gift Shop has a treasure of beautiful items for the visitor to Monmouth or for the many Natchez locals who shop with us on a frequent basis. Our shop has an array of our "signature" fragrance- Lady Primrose products, Victorian linens, china patterns, baby gifts, keepsake children's toys, fashion jewelry, and a wide variety of books. Our books range from Southern humor, Natchez pictorial, history, and the ever popular cookbooks. The South seems to generate more excellent chefs and home gourmet cooks than any other location!

Seasonal items for Valentine's and Easter will be arriving soon and for you who cannot visit Monmouth in the near future, you may call our gift shop manager, Anna Gunning and make purchases by phone. Anna has great taste and can guide you to the perfect item. Our merchandise is carefully selected by our proprietor, Lani Riches and Anna. You may reach Anna at Monmouth at 601-442-5852

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Specialty Recipe

Guests at Monmouth Plantation often ask for our chefs' creative recipes, and we are glad to accommodate those requests. Monroe Davis, our Sunday breakfast chef, serves an unusual Sunday "specialty item" – corn pancakes, along with our traditional Southern breakfast. The recipe for Monroe's Corn Pancakes is a treat for breakfast and can be presented in the South as a side dish for your home-style dinner.

Corn Pancakes with Orange Marmalade Sauce

-1 1/3 cup corn meal
-1/2 cup all purpose flour
-3 tablespoons sugar
-1 tablespoon baking powder
-1 cup chicken broth
-1 egg, beaten
-1/4 cup butter
-1 8 oz can whole kernel corn, drained
-1 teaspoon vanilla

In a bowl combine all ingredients and blend well. Cook on a lighted greased griddle.

Orange Marmalade Sauce:
Orange marmalade diluted with orange juice and warmed. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla. Serve over pancakes for breakfast or brunch.
-Peggy Voss

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Valentines Special at Monmouth!

This Valentine's Day treat your loved one to a luxurious and romantic evening at Monmouth Plantation. Enjoy a one night stay in this amazing four diamond hotel, a bottle of champagne upon arrival and a delectable five-course candlelit dinner for two served in the Antebellum Mansion. Also included is a full Southern Breakfast and a tour of the Mansion. This memorable night is available at an unbelievably low price of two hundred fifty dollars inclusive.

Reservations can be made by phone: 601.442.5852 or 800.828.4531. There are a limited number of packages available, so call for yours soon!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Guests Say the Nicest Things...

My family and I enjoyed our stay very much and were happy to see such a pleasant and helpful staff. Everyone went above and beyond to make our stay wonderful and much to my relief, this has extended beyond our stay at Monmouth.
Many many thanks,
(guest from December 2007)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Our guests love Monmouth and Staff!

Roy and Donna Johnston were guests at Monmouth during our beautiful Christmas season. Donna sent a note to us saying "Thanks for helping us have a memorable visit. It was too brief and we hope we can come again.” Donna writes "I was thrilled with our photos. Please enjoy.... and feel free to use if you'd like. We used the one of the two of us in the room on our Christmas card and told everyone about Monmouth!" Word of Monmouth is shared by our guests in the nicest of ways.
Our wonderful Hal -porter and most knowledgeable, helpful ambassador for Natchez- is shown in this photo from the Johnston's collection while at Monmouth. Hal stands out as one of our most unique and loved employees and you can see by the photo that he loves his work!
-Peggy Voss