Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Symposium at Monmouth

Monmouth Plantation was selected as the location for the statewide Mississippi Destination Wedding Symposium held July 28 and 29. State tourism officials and THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE presented the format and discussions were given by THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE executive staff and travel writers from locations outside of Mississippi. Monmouth was honored to have been selected as the premier location for this symposium.

We have always been a perfect location for weddings, rehearsal dinners and receptions- and today it is becoming extremely popular for the bride and groom to choose their wedding location, such as Monmouth--away from the locations of where scattered families and friends of the family live. Natchez offers not only a beautiful setting for a wedding but a perfect getaway for all guests attending. Mr. Tom Curtin is photographed as he finished his insightful presentation. Mr. Curtin is Publisher and Senior Vice President of THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE. Call on Monmouth staff to start your thoughts on a Destination Wedding at Monmouth.

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