Saturday, October 25, 2008


Recently we have been pleased to have as our guests two authors, both visiting Monmouth at different times-one as a quiet retreat and the other escaping hurricane

Our first guest Darrel Hoover and his wife enjoyed Monmouth and shared with me the story of his first novel-JUST ONE MORE DAY. His novel is set in Korea during the Korean War and the inspirational story found throughout the book is of a young Allied soldier who was asked by a news correspondent on the battlefield: "What do you want for Christmas?" and the answer became the title of the book! The story line is fiction but the inspiration that is portrayed will certainly be memorable to all who read it.

Morris and Helen Raphael of Ne Iberia, LA. evacuated from the perils of hurricane Gustav. Mr.Raphael is a native of Natchez and has authored several books after his retirement. He also writes columns of interest for the local newspapers. Morris and Helen met in Brazil and were married in 1958. She is a cum laude graduate of MONMOUTH COLLEGE in Illinois.

MY NATCHEZ YEARS-1917-1938 is the autobiography of Raphael's life as a young Natchezian and his remembrances of those early boyhood years. Stories are told of the "great depression", the flood of 1927, and his boyhood life surrounded by St. Mary's Catholic Church, boy scouting, hunting and fishing. MY NATCHEZ YEARS is a wonderful story of growing up in this beautiful Southern town.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Monmouth’s first avid “birders” to made themselves known to our staff were Bob and Claudette St. Amant who visited with us over several days in the spring of 2008. Luckily for Monmouth, Bob had his binoculars along and soon discovered twenty nine birds on our 26 acres of property.

Mr. St. Amant shared his list of birds and gave us suggestions on how to attract other birds to the property. Soon we had bird feeders out and we are now in the fall of 2008 Looking for those birds migrating south and stopping at Monmouth for a reprieve.

Mr Charlie Taney also added birds that he had sighted on the property and we are excited that other bird lovers will make a trip (with their binoculars) to Monmouth. Mr. St. Amant has returned this fall and spotted seven additional birds on their trip south.

We want to thank the St. Amant’s, their daughter Lindsay Seely (who is a birder and the program chair of the Baton Rouge Audubon Society) and Mr. Taney for their assistance in helping Monmouth create a birding location.

When you visit Monmouth, stop in our gift shop and ask to review the Birding At Monmouth book- listing all the birds sighted. Please add any birds that you might see while you are with us.

Birding has become a most popular activity and we would enjoy having groups of Bird lovers stay with us. Perhaps this would be a great location for a group to meet and have lectures from local Audubon Society members. The Natchez Trace is also a marvelous location for bird and other wildlife sightings.

Call for Monmouth to further discuss the options we can make available. 601.442.5852

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez - Monmouth's Special Guests

Our guests, the Hernandez' wrote these words to Monmouth expressing their love and enjoyment of visiting with us. The Hernandez are certainly more to us as family than guests!

Mrs. Hernandez wrote:"They (Monmouth) may not have invented the re carpet treatment but they sure have perfected it. It's just a perfect place to come to and relax and rejuvenate. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. In fact we have a cat we named Hal, who is the "head of the plantation". He's the main reason we love it so much. We love Hal!

(Hal Davis)

The grounds are perfect for taking a leisurely stroll or just sitting out on the porch watching the squirrels play in the trees. The hors d'oeuvres and the food is delcious. Just a wonderful
place to tay over and over again. We know...we have stayed there probably going on 70 (Seventy!) times. We try to get back once a month. The last 9 Thanksgivings have been spent there. Go to Monmouth and you just might not can stop going.!"

Monmouth staff feels great gratitude to our loyal guests and we thank Mrs. Hernandez for writing this testimony.