Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monmouth Featured on the Today Show

Monmouth Plantation was featured on a "Take a trip for $600" segment by Peter Greenburg this morning (May 27, 2008) on NBC's Today Show. The segment can be seen below.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Small Luxury Hotels - Recognized

Monmouth Plantation is a member of the prestigious brand- Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). Rigorous standards must be maintained to be a member and to ensure a wonderful experience to our guests. Recently Small Luxury Hotels received recognition that we would like to share with you.
"I am delighted to announce that Small Luxury Hotels of the World has for the second consecutive year been named number one luxury hotel brand in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index™, beating more traditional brands such as Peninsula and Ritz-Carlton, as well as Rock Resorts. For the first time, SLH was also named the luxury hotel brand that offers the “Best Customer Experience”, in the separately conducted Luxury Customer Experience Index™, which is based on the views of actual customer experiences in SLH hotels.
In the Luxury Brand Status Index, SLH was named the luxury hotel brand most worthy of a price premium and also the brand that people would be most willing to recommend to someone they care about. SLH also scored the highest out of all 23 hotels surveyed for providing consistently superior quality, for being unique and exclusive and for making customers feel special."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A look at Monmouth


NATCHEZ FESTIVAL OF MUSIC featuring preformances of opera, Broadway and jazz has been a stellar yearly event in May for 18 years. Ron and Lani Riches, Proprietors of Monmouth Plantation, along with Dr. David Blackburn were the singular ones to sit around a table and create the idea of wonderful New York performers coming to Natchez and presenting their art to citizens and guests of Natchez.

Monmouth Plantation hosted the first event for 2008 Friday evening May 9 with the patron event. A musical performance and seated dinner was a huge success and started the month long schedule of events.

"Oklahoma!", 'Cosi Fan Tutte", New Orleans Pfister Sisters, and a variety of 'Broadway Night of the Stars' are a sampling of the musical variety to be held at different locations in Natchez.

For detailed information of performances, times, dates and cost please go online: http://www.natchezfestivalofmusic.com/ or call 601-445-6103 or 1-800-647-6742. We look forward to sharing with you another facet of culture and entertainment here in Natchez.
-Peggy Voss

Engagement at Monmouth

A lovely young couple wrote this story of their engagement here at Monmouth and the words that Tesa writes could not be said more beautifully.
-Peggy Voss

For spring break Adam wanted to take Tesa somewhere out of Memphis. Tesa's friend, Sam, suggested they look in Natchez, MS at The Monmouth Plantation luxury bed and breakfast. After looking at the website Tesa fell in love with Monmouth! The next day Adam told Tesa that he called Monmouth and it was completely booked. He said the good news was that the Super 8 still had vacancies! So on Good Friday the couple drove to Natchez. Tesa still had no idea where they were staying until they pulled into the driveway of an antebellum mansion framed by spanish moss-draped oaks. It was Monmouth! This is a place that both Glamour magazine and USA Today called one of the 10 most romantic places in America and for good reason! Adam looked over at the rarely speechless Tesa and with a grin said, "I didn't lie. I told you it was completely booked and that's because I got the last suite!" The next day it was warm, sunny and the air carried the fragrance of the estate’s lush gardens. The couple walked along the pebbled paths passing through the wisteria-covered pergoloa, well-manicured croquet lawn and a white gazebo surrounded by candy colored tulips. They walked down the brick steps that were lined with buttercups to a bridge hoping to get a closer look at the mallards in the lake. As they stood on the fairytale-white bridge that hovered over the oranmental lake Adam pointed out a cyprus tree on the bank that had it's long limbs reaching into the water. Tesa started to pose Adam for a picture and suggested he get knelt down. After the picture had been taken Adam remained on his knee. He held Tesa's hands and professed his love for her and her family. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a ring box and asked Tesa to marry him.

Natchez Poem

This beautiful poem expresses the feelings of our guests when they arrive at Monmouth and visit beautiful Natchez.Guests often speak of their interest in our history and their instant love of this beautiful place. Everyone expresses a desire to someday return.
-Peggy Voss
I had not known these things were so
Unreal thy'd peeped from out the page
Of romance of another age
I had not dreamed that I might see
A lady fair with stately grace
Descend broad stairs, or slowly pace
Through vaulted hall to welcome me
But now at Natchez- now I know

I had not thought how sweet 'twould be
To look with reverent eyes upon
The treasures of a people gone
To catch the gleam of candlelight
On priceless china, and the glow
Of fire shine spreading rich and slow
On ancient brass made newly bright

Yet Natchez vouchsafes this to me
And who am I that I might see
So much of beauty: spiral stair
Coin-silver service, rosewood chair
Tall mirror set in gold-leaf frame
Wrought iron lace against the sky
All these I've seen, and rich am I
Ah, richer far than when I came
So much had Natchez done for me
(Author unknown)