Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Symposium at Monmouth

Monmouth Plantation was selected as the location for the statewide Mississippi Destination Wedding Symposium held July 28 and 29. State tourism officials and THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE presented the format and discussions were given by THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE executive staff and travel writers from locations outside of Mississippi. Monmouth was honored to have been selected as the premier location for this symposium.

We have always been a perfect location for weddings, rehearsal dinners and receptions- and today it is becoming extremely popular for the bride and groom to choose their wedding location, such as Monmouth--away from the locations of where scattered families and friends of the family live. Natchez offers not only a beautiful setting for a wedding but a perfect getaway for all guests attending. Mr. Tom Curtin is photographed as he finished his insightful presentation. Mr. Curtin is Publisher and Senior Vice President of THE BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE. Call on Monmouth staff to start your thoughts on a Destination Wedding at Monmouth.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For an added experience of Natchez and all the various options of things to do- Monmouth will arrange for bikes to be rented and perhaps you'll want an avid cyclist to accompany you on your adventure on the Natchez Trace.

Your bike trip can be for a few hours or the entire day, and while on the Trace you'll have the opportunity to stop at Historical Natchez Trace Parkway markers, see the wildlife and enjoy the peaceful ride that only a National Parkway can provide.

For those interested in taking the bikes for a ride around Natchez, we will provide you with a map of all the local historical markers and make suggestions for a stop for lunch and then a ride in the afternoon along the Mississippi River bluffs. Call for more information and ask for Peggy Sue and we will start making your arrangements.
-Peggy Sue

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Six beautiful Morgan cars owners arrived at Monmouth last week for a two night stay with us. The prestigious group from Great Britain had their cars shipped across the Atlantic to arrive in New York in May. The owners had well planned their travels through the Eastern and Southern states . The cars and owners were welcomed at each location with much fanfare and news coverage. The group dining each evening with us at Monmouth, requested to be seated in the Gentlemen's Parlor under the Waterford chandeliers for their five course dinners.

Each of the Morgan cars were custom built for each owner in England and each owner went into the factory to see their cars being hand assembled.

Their final stop on tour was New Orleans where the cars will be shipped home to England arriving within three weeks. The group enjoyed the plantation, dining and their accommodations and presented us with a commemorative plaque of their May- July 2008 tour of the United States.

We were elated to have these lovely guests with us at our Monmouth.
-Peggy Sue

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Recently the Boston Globe featured in its Sunday travel section and article written by Stephen Jermanok after his travels to the south and a visit to Natchez.

Stephen writes:

"If you spend the night at the Monmouth Plantation, you won't have to dress in costume to feel like the regal owner of a Southern plantation. Mint juleps are served in frosty silver cups promptly at 6:30 pm in the Quitman Study...The distinctly Southern menu features crawfish chowder with just a hint of Tabasco and lump crab cakes with a jalapeno hollandaise dip. Entrees include a mustard-crusted rack of lamb in a tangy tomato-based demi glace... Monmouth is a peaceful oasis for whiling away an afternoon or two in the Old South with a good book -like, Gone with the Wind..."

Monmouth is blessed to be recognized often by prestigious publications and certainly The Boston Globe is one.

Thank you and please return.

-Peggy Sue

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natchez Trace Bicyclists visit Monmouth

In early June, Monmouth served as the beginning location for this avid group of bikers riding the entire length of the Natchez Trace. The Trace begins (or ends, depending on your choice of starting point!) in Natchez, MS and travels the Indian route to Nashville, TN. This beautiful National Parkway is 440 miles and features only nature forest, wildlife and an occasional marker where you may stop to read the history of that location.

Our group of bikers stayed the night at Monmouth and dined with us for our five course dinner. The next morning the bikers were up and geared to begin their ride- after our generous and delicious Southern breakfast. This group had a tour company who planned their trip and arranged stops along the way, and they were also equipped for any unexpected mishaps such as flat tires or a rider with a strained muscle. The group was followed by a van equipped with snacks and any necessities.

We enjoyed our biker guests and wished them a "farewell" as they began their six day journey to Nashville. We await to hear from the group and will pass on any interesting information of their adventures.

This is an indication of all the various activities that are available in Natchez. I'll begin sending you a variety of points of interest and activities so that you can plan a trip to Natchez and enjoy the unusual parts our city has to offer.
-Peggy Sue

Monday, July 07, 2008


Near the patio is a brick enclosed herb garden for the Chef to use for his special dinner preparations and, also used daily for our famous Mint Juleps. Each herb of the season is labeled and Larry Stewart our master garden is often tending to the herbs. Parsley, purple basil, rosemary and mint are a sampling of the herbs we have growing.
Another feature of the herb garden is the dinner bell that is rung nightly for our dinner guests to join us for dining in the mansion.
-Peggy Sue

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Drink of the Month

"Why Darlin', I do believe I will have a STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI!"

To celebrate the 4th of July all month long Roosevelt will be concocting a southern frozen daiquiri as Monmouth's Drink Special. Please join us in the Quitman Lounge or on our courtyard for a refreshing summertime drink.
-Peggy Sue