Sunday, July 13, 2008


Recently the Boston Globe featured in its Sunday travel section and article written by Stephen Jermanok after his travels to the south and a visit to Natchez.

Stephen writes:

"If you spend the night at the Monmouth Plantation, you won't have to dress in costume to feel like the regal owner of a Southern plantation. Mint juleps are served in frosty silver cups promptly at 6:30 pm in the Quitman Study...The distinctly Southern menu features crawfish chowder with just a hint of Tabasco and lump crab cakes with a jalapeno hollandaise dip. Entrees include a mustard-crusted rack of lamb in a tangy tomato-based demi glace... Monmouth is a peaceful oasis for whiling away an afternoon or two in the Old South with a good book -like, Gone with the Wind..."

Monmouth is blessed to be recognized often by prestigious publications and certainly The Boston Globe is one.

Thank you and please return.

-Peggy Sue

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