Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Drink of the Month

All the month of May, Monmouth will feature the most popular drinks served at the Kentucky Derby which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday afternoon, May 3rd. The Derby is celebrated all over the country and especially in the South.

The DERBY COOLER features bourbon, rum, orange juice and grenadine. Come to the Monmouth Quitman Lounge any evening during May and have a refreshing cocktail- and as always, Roosevelt's famous Mint Julep will be served in the frosted silver julep glass. Did you know that Roosevelt has served as Monmouth's bartender and host for over twenty years? Roosevelt received an award from the Governor of Kentucky making him a true "Kentucky Colonel" and the award was presented to him for his secret mix of the Mint Julep.

On Kentucky Derby Day (5-3-08), Monmouth Plantation will have a Kentucky Derby party, with specialty drinks and televisions to view the event. Join our guests at Monmouth for this special event on the patio and in the Quitman Lounge beginning at 2:00 pm.
-Peggy Voss

Mississippi River Nearing Record Highs

Perhaps you have heard of the news that the Mississippi River is cresting here in Natchez. The river is above ‘flood stage’ but is not threatening Natchez. We have included interesting photographs taken of Natchez Riverview from the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River. As you can see Natchez has very high water, but really not much concern for property damage here on the Mississippi side of the river because of our high natural bluffs. Water in Louisiana, just across from Natchez is extremely high and yet no major flooding has occurred to date. It's interesting to see the beautiful view of Natchez that can always be viewed by crossing the river into Louisiana. The photo shows the magnificent steeple of St. Mary's Basilica a landmark of Natchez for years.
-Peggy Voss

Catalpa tree on Monmouth's Grounds

As you approach Monmouth and view the lush grounds of greenery and trees, you first notice the beautiful live oak trees that are magnificent and huge. Beautiful moss hangs in branches and it is always an attraction for everyone to see the variety of trees standing for years.

My favorite tree, I chose without knowing its name or story is the CATALPA TREE. For the past four seasons I have photographed the tree in its different shapes of foliage and rather bare winter branches. Today in the spring the Catalpa tree is in bloom and the white flowers fill the huge tree and all its branches. It is described as having large heart shaped leaves and showy white and yellow flowers. In the autumn long fruits which resemble a slender bean pod and small flat seeds will fall and begin to reproduce.

The most interesting thing about this tree is the fact that the tree is the food plant of the Catalpa Sphinx moth and the leaves are eaten by the caterpillars. The caterpillars are an excellent live bait for fishing- and Natchez and surrounding areas are a fisherman's paradise. Some dedicated anglers plant catalpa mini-orchards for their own private source of "catalpa-worms."

For fishermen, this area surrounding Natchez has lakes filled with catfish, bass, bream, sun perch, alligator gar, and white perch - this is just a small selection of fish in the area.
-Peggy Voss

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lani Riches on the Oprah Winfrey Show

The staff at Monmouth was excited to see Lani Riche, proprietor of Monmouth, on the Oprah Winfrey show last week. Mrs. Riches had been a inspiration and helper to Rutgers Basketball coach Vivian Stringer during her bout with breast cancer. An excerpt from the show has been posted on YouTube and can be seen here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pilgrimage Hostesses

Our hostesses during the Spring Pilgrimage are here at Monmouth to greet guests in the typical antebellum dress. The ladies are available to give the history of Monmouth and provide the gracious hospitality that our Natchez ladies provide to all our guests.
-Peggy Voss

April Drink of the Month - Peach Mojito

Peach Mojito will be the featured drink in our Quitman Lounge for the month of April.
Local residents of Natchez are enjoying the beautiful patio and the cool evenings. A Peach Mojito is the refreshing springtime drink to enjoy at Monmouth. While visiting with us try our monthly special and you may purchase from our Gift Shop "Southern Cocktails, authored by Denise Gee- a local Natchez resident
-Peggy Voss

Pilgrimage Pralines

The praline candy lady, Ms. Dyson is a familiar and welcome person at Monmouth during Spring Pilgrimage. Ms. Dyson comes every year and sells her home made praline candy to tourists and many say her candy is the best in the city. My Dyson loves to visit with the guests on tour of the mansion and you can see by her lovely smile that she is a delightful addition every year at Pilgrimage.
-Peggy Voss