Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Natchez Trace Bicyclists visit Monmouth

In early June, Monmouth served as the beginning location for this avid group of bikers riding the entire length of the Natchez Trace. The Trace begins (or ends, depending on your choice of starting point!) in Natchez, MS and travels the Indian route to Nashville, TN. This beautiful National Parkway is 440 miles and features only nature forest, wildlife and an occasional marker where you may stop to read the history of that location.

Our group of bikers stayed the night at Monmouth and dined with us for our five course dinner. The next morning the bikers were up and geared to begin their ride- after our generous and delicious Southern breakfast. This group had a tour company who planned their trip and arranged stops along the way, and they were also equipped for any unexpected mishaps such as flat tires or a rider with a strained muscle. The group was followed by a van equipped with snacks and any necessities.

We enjoyed our biker guests and wished them a "farewell" as they began their six day journey to Nashville. We await to hear from the group and will pass on any interesting information of their adventures.

This is an indication of all the various activities that are available in Natchez. I'll begin sending you a variety of points of interest and activities so that you can plan a trip to Natchez and enjoy the unusual parts our city has to offer.
-Peggy Sue

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