Thursday, May 08, 2008

Natchez Poem

This beautiful poem expresses the feelings of our guests when they arrive at Monmouth and visit beautiful Natchez.Guests often speak of their interest in our history and their instant love of this beautiful place. Everyone expresses a desire to someday return.
-Peggy Voss
I had not known these things were so
Unreal thy'd peeped from out the page
Of romance of another age
I had not dreamed that I might see
A lady fair with stately grace
Descend broad stairs, or slowly pace
Through vaulted hall to welcome me
But now at Natchez- now I know

I had not thought how sweet 'twould be
To look with reverent eyes upon
The treasures of a people gone
To catch the gleam of candlelight
On priceless china, and the glow
Of fire shine spreading rich and slow
On ancient brass made newly bright

Yet Natchez vouchsafes this to me
And who am I that I might see
So much of beauty: spiral stair
Coin-silver service, rosewood chair
Tall mirror set in gold-leaf frame
Wrought iron lace against the sky
All these I've seen, and rich am I
Ah, richer far than when I came
So much had Natchez done for me
(Author unknown)

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