Monday, June 02, 2008

Locals enjoy cocktails

Local Natchezians are enjoying the beautiful patio and gardens for an afternoon or evening cocktail. Quitman's Lounge is featuring a specialty drink each month, along with the favorites of wine and Roosevelt's famous mint julep. Shown enjoying a cocktail are three Lovely ladies arriving after a work day - from left to right, Mary Ruth Caldwell, Diana Glaze and Kaye Carroll.

Not only do they enjoy an evening out having cocktails and hours d’oeuvres, but also the ladies are members of a fun group who gather for social occasions and they have named themselves- "The Drama Queens". Drama Queen "wantabes" live in Natchez so perhaps one day they too will be part of the group. The "Drama Queens" had so much fun having cocktails they are encouraging Natchez residents to join them for cocktails- along with our guests staying at Monmouth Plantation. Our specialty drinks, the patio and gardens along with our bartender Roosevelt will promise a delightful evening after work or just for a night out.

-Peggy Sue

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