Monday, June 02, 2008

A letter from a guest~

Monmouth Plantation and the proprietors, Ron and Lani Riches receive letters and complements often for their work in restoring the plantation from the ruins that it was in when purchased in 1978. Here is on such letter that we wanted to share with you.
-Peggy Sue

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Riches,

Years ago when I was around fourteen years old I wrote you in an email telling of my love of historic homes and especially of Natchez. I am from Quitman, Mississippi and I always thought it interesting the relation between the original owner of your home (Mr. John Quitman) and the namesake of my hometown. I wrote to you of my dreams of perhaps one day owning a historic home of my own and my love of history. I remember how appreciative I was because you sent me a letter back thanking me for my sincere email with a complimentary copy of 'Monmouth Plantation: A Dream In Time'. I was grateful for the kindness you showed me all those years ago and I have tried to keep up with news concerning your bed and breakfast since that time. I think your web site is really nice and I am so glad to know that you still own the mansion. I know it gives you a great sense of accompli shment to be able to call such a wonderful place home.

I am now twenty-five and married to a wonderful woman who shares my appreciation of history and antebellum homes. I took her to Natchez before for a getaway but unfortunately stayed in a motel for cost reasons but we still had a great time. I remember pulling into the drive of Monmouth and sitting there for a few minutes taking in the serenity of the grounds - how beautiful! My wife and I find ourselves talking about the mansion from time to time and how much we would love to return to Natchez and stay there for a night - hopefully someday we can. To us there is simply no other place like Natchez in the South and certainly no other home that captures the 'dream' quite like Monmouth.

We now own a little home of our own close to Meridian, MS and hope to someday purchase a small historic house and restore it - that is our ultimate goal! Our new house is great but there is just something about an 'old' house that you can't get with new construction (obviously). Well, I could go on and on about my love for history but that would take way too much time. Just wanted to drop a note and say good luck in the future with Monmouth and hopefully someday I can meet you both! I am glad to see that people that listened to a kid all those years ago are still being blessed. Best Wishes!

Matthew G.

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Dear Lani and Ron:

Thank you for the wonderful Southern hospitality my daughter and I experienced when we visited Monmouth Plantation in June. Our beautifully appointed accomodations were luxurious and comfortable and the view from our patio so relaxing. Dinner was wonderful and the service outstanding. I hope to return soon with my husband for another visit to your beautiful inn.


Dottie C.