Monday, September 15, 2008


Monmouth Plantation has been included in the newest vacation and tourist exploration adventure- Geocaching! Tucked away in a hidden location on our 26 acres you can find a scavenger hunt treasure!

For those not familiar with geocaching, this has become a really fun way to explore your Natchez destination and the surrounding area.

Planning your vacation around this fun scavenger hunt will give you clues found on your computer by typing in Geocaching and following the easy directions. Hints will be given to assist in finding the treasure. We can't tell you the locaton of our cache, but when it is found each treasure seeker locates a box and identifies himself/herself with his code name. In the cache box will be found a small item left by the "caching" seeker before you. You'll take the souvenirs and leave a comment an a token for the next person seeking the treasure.

Happy Geocaching!

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