Saturday, September 27, 2008


This lovely couple from California, Bill and Jackie Gentry visited with us at Monmouth for two evenings. They both expressed their enjoyment of Monmouth and our five course dinner- and especially their room and the peace of our gardens. Monmouth Plantation is pleased to recognize the Gentry's as our guests and their volunteer work during their stay in the South . The Gentry's will travel to New Orleans to attend a Shaklee Corporation Convention. The Shaklee Corporation and their attendees will volunteer their personal hours and supplies to the city to help in rebuilding after the Katrina losses. While in New Orleans they will pass out free Shaklee "green products" to those in need. The Shaklee Corporation owners, The Barnett's have pledged any money raised during the convention by Shaklee to be donated to assisting with the rebuilding of New Orleans.
Monmouth is blessed to have had the Gentry's as our guests

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