Sunday, September 28, 2008

MONMOUTH: It's Majesty and Legacy

-The History and Perservation of Monmouth From 1818 to Present Day-

Our history in print has just arrived and is for sale in our gift shop or by calling the Monmouth Plantation.

Our book is beautifully printed in glossy cover and lovely photographs of the Quitman's and the magnificent furnishings along with the fascinating story of General John Quitman's antebellum life at Monmouth. Of major interest to everyone visiting Monmouth is the modern story of the

restoration of the plantation and grounds by Ron and Lani Riches thirty years ago. While reading the story of the Quitman family you will become enamored with the Riches' family and their endeavors to recreate the mansion to 1830's-1840's. It has been called "a labor of love".

The text and content was developed by Cynthia J. Parker Sinsheimer who resides in Natchez and Los Angeles.

To order by mail please call 601.442.5852 or 800.828.4531.

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