Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Review (From Facebook)

Q. The best feature at Monmouth Plantation is... (you fill in the blank!)

A. Best???? Well I enjoyed the hammock for a coupla' of hours but before the hammock I wandered up to the main house and somebody in the kitchen went out of his way to serve me a cup of coffee in the tranquil courtyard-thanks whoever you are- and just before the cup of coffee, my wife and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll about the grounds right after we had lounged in our robes like we had the whole place to ourselves prior to awaking after a very restful night on a very comfortable bed which we had climbed into after taking a nice long relaxing bath after a superb dinner in 1818. In retrospect... just being is best at Monmouth.

-Daniel Doyle (Houston, TX)


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