Monday, March 12, 2007

Monmouth Plantation in bloom!

The gardens of Natchez are as exquisite as the city’s magnificent antebellum homes, particularly at historic Monmouth Plantation where Master Gardener, Larry Stewart, has planted more than 10,000 spring bulbs since mid December.

Since 2004 Larry has planted thousands of bulbs to add to the wonderful spring display of color at Monmouth. Many of these are Heirloom Daffodils and Narcissus that gardeners will recognize. This year the bulbs have been planted in new areas - such as the chapel area.

Larry, who has devoted his skills to the plantation for so many years, will share his knowledge of heirloom bulbs and arrays of color combinations with guests for garden tours held in conjunction with the Natchez’ Spring Pilgrimage in March and the Symphony of Gardens Tours, in early May, which will feature some of the finest landscapes in the south.

The total numbers of bulbs in Monmouth’s gardens are unknown since many were there long before the current owners, Lani and Ron Riches, purchased and lovingly restored the mansion and grounds, nearly thirty years ago. “A calculated guess would be over 50,000 by this spring,” says Larry. “What we have strived to continue with here are the heirloom bulbs that have long been associated with antebellum gardens of the south.”

According to Larry, the 2007 season will be exceptional. His favorites: the Big Eartha 25" tall tulip, the French Blend 30" tall tulip, the Lent Lily daffodil circa 1200's and Hoop Petticoat daffodil, circa 1629, just to mention a few.

To be sure, each season will be a feast for the eyes and senses!

Come see!

Lani & Ron

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