Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Guests Say the Nicest Things...

My family and I enjoyed our stay very much and were happy to see such a pleasant and helpful staff. Everyone went above and beyond to make our stay wonderful and much to my relief, this has extended beyond our stay at Monmouth.
Many many thanks,
(guest from December 2007)


Nancy Huffman said...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get to stay at an antebellum mansion? Have you ever watched Gone With the Wind and been enthralled by the beauty of the Tara? Boca Raton resident, Nancy Huffman, and her sister, Diane Scott, of Clinton, Indiana, recently traveled to Natchez, Mississippi, to experience the best of Southern hospitality staying at the Monmouth Plantation. Upon arrival in Natchez and driving up the gorgeous driveway of the Monmouth located at 36 Melrose Avenue, one is instantly exposed to the beauty of the South with the trees, foliage, beautiful flowers, and gardens that surround this majestic mansion. But, as much as the natural beauty of this awesome historic home is breathtaking, one is immediately welcomed by the warmest, friendliest staff who make the entire visit at Monmouth unforgettable. By the time you leave Monmouth you will feel like family and want to return to these grounds to see them all again. We stayed in the Chapultepec Suite which was perfect having its own fireplace with a patio that overlooked the beautifully manicured grounds that have fountains, hammocks, beautiful pergola, statues, croquet, amazing gardens, beautiful oaks and Spanish moss everywhere, private family cemetery, white bridge over the pond leading to walking truly has to see it all to believe the beauty that prevails around Monmouth.

The history of Monmouth and the numerous historic homes in Natchez is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching and the visitor is so immersed in the prewar and Civil War history that one will find themselves conversing about their tours and even dreaming about the people who lived over a century ago in the beautiful South. And, sleeping at the Monmouth plantation has been reputed to be the best and I can say that have not slept so soundly as I did during my visit to Monmouth.
The amenities of full Southern breakfasts, candlelight dinners, tour of the historic mansion, and a beautiful Victorian Gift Shop just add further sparkle to a stay at this National Historic Landmark, Monmouth Plantation.
36 Melrose Avenue
Natchez, Mississippi 39120

Submitted by Nancy Huffman

Re-thinking Mississippi History said...


I have visited Natchez six times as a student in history. Monmouth is beautiful and Loni and his family were so nice to Dr. Davis and his students. Glad to see going so well!
Dawn A. Dennis