Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Guests Say the Nicest Things

What pleased you most during your recent visit : What a tremendous visit toMonmouth this weekend. What a way to spend a 35th wedding anniversary.Everything about the stay was as close to perfect as it could get.

Thestaff was so cordial,. We fell in love with Peggy and Hal. Roosevelt issomeone you should be proud of. Such a gentleman. We ate dinner 2 nightsin the dinning room and enjoyed it more than we can describe. We hadbreakfast 3 mornings. The staff person there was so very nice, too. Idon\'t know his name but he told us he is from New Orleans. He took goodcare of us. Terry did our \"turn down\" service in the evenings. She was really sweetand accomodating.

The Monmouth grounds are immaculate and the trails are neat. We enjoyed a game of Croquet, at least the way we play it. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on our porch in the rocking chairs watching the birds and squirrels and listening to all the woodland sounds. I can't say enough about our visit.

I called our travel agent this morning and made sure she knew about the success of our stay so that she could recommend it in the future. The travel agent told me that her first impression of Monmouth was very good because the person she talked to and made reservations with was so kind and helpful. That meant a great deal to her.

Again, thank you for having a place like Monmouth for folks to visit and relax and enjoy themselves. Be sure to give Peggy a gold star. She is EXCELLENT!!! She was scurrying around Saturday evening because of the rain delay of a 6:00 wedding. She kept her cool and the staff's also. Again, THANK YOU!!!!


Lyn L.


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