Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Guests Say the Nicest Things...

Dearest Lani,

. . . what a fabulous trip it was, largely due to your generosity and caring nature. Don't know where to start as so much to convey to you. . . . drove straight to Natchez, MS. There I spent an idealic existence and felt just like Scarlett O'Hara herself. Girl, that rose garden - just every color imaginable, all those beautiful angels, the grounds, the charming patio from my cottage that overlooked the set up for croquet, down to the glorious pond and that lush green, green grass!

I particularly relished in walking up to the courtyard/fountain area where one would meet for drinks. For me, one of the showstoppers, if you will, was entering the Quitman lounge and seeing that gorgeous portrait of the hansomest young man in his confederate uniform. Truly, I just stood there in that room reeking of history from a time gone by, and fell in love with that precious young man, whom I later learned a few days later from the docent that he was your grandson!

While taking all this in, I noticed the family photographs and believe the lovely ladies posing together must be you and your daughter. I felt so blessed that you would take the time to have been so gracious to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

. . . I just fell in love with Hal, you could literally feel the warmth and caring nature from within this precious person. He made me feel at home and so very welcome from the moment I arrived. He so graciously told me about some of Natchez history and you could see how busy, busy, busy he is and how very much he loves Monmouth and what he is doing. Lani, that was so abundantly clear from all your staff! I did not know or realize until a day or so later that you/your husband are the proprietors of Monmouth and I was so deeply touched that you would be such a wonderful person. You see, Dearest Angel, I have worked for some very powerful, very wealthy and prominent lawyers for years, some quite wealthy and they could care less about the ordinary people. I've watched them be so callous over the years, unkind, mean spirited - fire staff on a whim with no notice, no severance and really no reason for doing so. It was with great pleasure to encounter someone that could be bothered. I know that there are great people in this world, angels that walk among us, but sometime they are few and far between. Okay, the morning that I had to leave, of course I cried cause I really did not want to leave!

But, of course, I am getting ahead of myself. I did dine the first evening there at the Plantation. To sit in that room - the ambiance, I just loved the china, the silver, the opulence of the large dining table. There was a couple celabrating their 20th anniversary, they looked so young and they had 4 children. I visited with them, they're from St Francisville and they were just darling! Across from me dined a gentleman, also alone, he was in his 50's, I think. We met up after dinner viewing the downstairs of Monmouth and, I can tell you, that neither of us wanted to leave, we both were so enamored with every single room and all the beauty and detail that went into every inch of revered space! You have done an outstanding job preserving this estate. The morning after my arrival, I attended the tour of Monmouth and was enchanted hearing the story of your arrival to Natchez by riverboat close to 30 years ago. I am so thankful that your husband bought Monmouth and that you have spent nearly 3 decades of devotion and care to maintain its splendour! It is such a gem, really beyond adequate description in words alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will always be revered and special to me for your kindness.

With affection and appreciation,

Cindy O.

PS. . . . Still basking in the splendour of it all.

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