Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monmouth Plantation's Valentine's Dinners

To mark this most romantic of holidays, Monmouth Plantation will host a series of gourmet wine dinners presented by guest chef, Jeffrey Decker of Spago in Beverly Hills.

"These elegant five course dinners in Monmouth's romantic antebellum dining room will highlight any Valentine's getaway weekend. We will start with an especially elegant hors d’oeuvre to set the mood for the evening. Dinner will feature local products and each course will have the option of a wine pairing. I am especially excited about Natchez's own MarLynn Farms with its great reputation for delicious cheeses," says the visiting chef who studied culinary arts at the Lorenzo d' Medici University in Florence, Italy, after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley. Jeffrey most recently trained at Spago in Beverly Hills and is enjoying learning southern cuisine here in Natchez. (Dinners are on Valentine's Day and the Saturday preceding and following. Price is $48 per person exclusive of tax and gratuity.)

For reservations, please call 601/442-5852 or 800/828-4531.
Media Contact: Jodi LaFranca, Marketing Director, 310/728-5176

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