Friday, September 08, 2006

Meet Hal Davis

Upon your arrival at Monmouth, you will be welcomed by Bellman Hal Davis. We believe a sense of arrival sets the tone for your entire stay and Hal is the master at doing just that. He not only assists guests with their bags and shows them to their rooms, he makes it clear that he loves his job whether answering questions about Natchez or showing guests around the grounds. We get so many positive comment cards about Hal. Here's a nice one we thought we' d share:

"We are already planning to visit again...maybe our 5 year anniversary. I know I've mentioned the staff often, but I must reiterate how wonderful they are, especially Hal, who has worked at Monmouth for 17 years. You MUST speak with him while you're there...if you don't you're missing out. While I was there I was having lunch with Lani Riches, one of the owners and I asked her where in the world they find the great staff that works for them. She replied (and I'll try to quote - Lani, forgive me if I'm a little off) "I don't have any staff that works FOR me....they work WITH me. We just try to be compassionate to each of their situations individually and do what we can to keep them happy. The Lord has sent each of them to us and we just feel so blessed to have them as part of our family." ....this approach is definitely paying off because you can see that the entire staff is dedicated to making your stay with them as comforatable and enjoyable as possible. If you want a relaxing, romantic getaway, I encourage you to visit Monmouth. It is an experience you will not forget."

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